Polymer pin insulator 36KV

Composite Insulator are made of glassfiber epoxy core rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fittings.


The silicon rubber shed adopt the whole packing pressure technique, and then to solve the key problem – interface electric spark puncture, which would affect the reliability of composite insulator。


Connection of the glassfiber rod and metal fittings, adopts the pressure welding technique of the international advanced level, and have the full automatic sound wave detection of defects system, high intension, beautiful outline, small volume, light weight, and the metal fitting of galvanization can corrosion prevention and exchange used with porcelain insulator.


This product is reliable structure, can’t damage the core rod, and take full advantage of the mechanical strength.


 The dimension can be customized as per client's requirement

Spec&TypeRated VoltageRated mechanical tension loadH Strcuture Height(mm)(mm)Min norminal Creepage distance)Full wave lighting impulse withstand voltage(KV)



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